This help file is still under construction and will be updated periodically. To ensure you have the most current information, please refresh your browser.

Getting Started
When you first start the program see just the Main Menu, from this Main Menu you will select Browse then Residential Address or Business Address. These are quite similar so we will just discuss Residential Address for this exercise. Business Address will follow these same steps. There is an additional Company field in Business Addresses.

Select Residential Addresses.
You will see a list of all of the Residential Addresses you have entered...Currently there are none. So click the Insert Button at the bottom of the window.
Notice some of the fields have already been populated for you. This will speed up the data entry for you. You only need to enter the Street Address and the Zip for that street. You do not need to Capitalize the address when you are entering this information, the program will automatically capitalize the beginning of each word. Enter your street address then press the TAB key. You will always use the TAB key to move between fields because the ENTER key accepts the changes you have made to the record. Enter your 4-digit Zip Code and the City and State are populated for you, Hit ENTER and you are finished!

There are a few fields you need to know about.
To Be Mailed - check this to have this address included when printing Labels
Returned - Check this if a piece of mailing has been returned so it will not be included when printing Labels
Item - These are the Items you are mailing, for example, Postcard, Flyer, Mary's Postcard, etc.
To add to or change these Items, Select Edit from the Main Menu, then select Item Choices.
Note: You must have at least one Item entered here in order to add addresses.