Advanced Features of this program will keep you from making mistakes and allow you to do other things only available in much more expensive programs.

The most useful advanced feature is the Report Manager. This is a true AdHoc Report Writer allowing you to create your own reports!

Mass Update is an option where you can do a mass update on your data based on certain criteria. Let's suppose you send a 200 hundred flyers today, and over the next week you enter another 100 records. You probably don't want to send the same flyer to the 200 addresses you just mailed to a week ago, the Mass Update function will allow you to change the first 200 records very easily.

xQfilter allows you to filter the main browse to see only the records you want to see. For example, suppose you only want to send a mailing to one zip code, this is where you will make this happen.

Send To allows the entire list of records to be sent to a file to be used in your other programs.

Campaigns are a set of records having the same common reason for being contacted.

You are prohibited from entering the same address more than once!

Printing Labels

The main reason for having a program like this one is to be able to Print Labels. Labels will be printed under Report Manager because, nearly everything you print will be in the form of a 'report'. You are going to print several, if not all your records to labels, therefore, you will 'print a label report'. A sample Label Report has been included for you. This report uses labels compatible with Avery 8516 labels.
If this doesn't fit your labels you can review the extensive Report Writer Help File included with the application.