Adding Records is pretty simple and the program has been designed to speed up this process.

Most of the fields have been pre-entered for you. The only fields you need to enter are the Street Address and the 4-digit Zip Code.

If you make no other changes you will be able to print labels of all of the records you enter.

To Add A New Address
Most programs have a default 'Change' key, that is, when you hit the ENTER key on your keyboard, you will be changing the record. In PCMail the 'default key' is the INSERT key. So when you hit the ENTER key, from the Browse List  you will be adding a New Record, rather than Changing a record which has already been entered. This will dramatically increase entering your own mailing list records.
For example, suppose you choose to copy and paste addresses from or some other website. You will hit the ENTER key on your keyboard, then you only need to copy the Street Address field and enter the 4-digit Zip Code, hit ENTER again. You will be back at the Address List, hit ENTER again and you are ready to copy and paste the next address and Zip Code!