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Database Tracking

A List of Some Currently Available Database Applications

These Features are included in all of our applications.

These features are usually only found in applications costing much more than ours.

  • Ad hoc Report Writer - this allows you to create your own reports at 'run-time'. This means you won't have to have any coding done by us to get the exact report you need. Reports can be letters, labels, or financial information.
  • Export your information to other file formats which can be used by other programs. 
  • Exclusive 'Quick Filter' to allow you to limit what information is available to be exported or woked on.
  • Security through logins.
  • Network Aware to allow multiple users access to your database
  • Help Files

Wow, what's left to add you ask? Well, most people use computer applications on their laptop, desktop, and perhaps a private or company network. We can create applications which can updated and viewed in real time in separate geographical locations. In other words, you users in your office in Chicago can access the sam program running in your offices in Dallas, Denver, and Kansas the same time and see the updates and changes made by users in the other offices.

Plus a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Currently Available Applications:


  • ServicePC
    Custom IT Tracking Database Application
  • CarTrackPro
    CarTrackPro is a web based application for collecting damages from a customer.
  • PCMail
    This is the description for Article 3. You can edit this description by going to the Info tab and editing the text in the box labelled "Description for sitemap and metatags".
  • SongList
    Expand the features of Tricerasoft Song Book Creator.
  • RVTrac
    Used to keep track of the visitors to your RV Park
  • Auction2
    Charity Auction Software

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