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Database Tracking

How To Track Your Information

We create custom database programs to meet your needs...

How do you know if one of our applications will help you? Well, usually one application, whether it be custom built for you or if you use Microsoft Excel® will do a lot but won't do everything you need it to. This is where you will want augment, or even replace, the program you are using.

Over the years we have developed several database applications for Fortune 500 companies, such as Lockheed Martin, ACS (Affiliated Computer Services), and Xerox. Our software is designed to augment software used by these companies. For example, it took several months for ACS to implement Siebel CRM for their Indiana Call Center to handle child support customer inquires. In the meantime, they needed a fast secure system to handle their calls. We developed a call center tracking system for them within two weeks! 

We Can Do The Same For You!

From simple to complex, no application is toobig or too small. Prices start as low as $15. Naturally, depending on the specific requirements, pricing can be much higher.

For example, Tricerasoft's Song Book Creator®  is an application to allow Just Karaoke® to print a list of songs from it's database.

One of our clients, Cibolo Springs, needed to be able to manipulate this song database to meet their specific needs.

We created a program to allow the Song Book Creator® song list to be imported and printed in several ways to meet their needs. The cost? $20

All of our database applications include unique features to help us with any customizations you might want to have in your application.

Here's a brief list of features included in each of our applications:

Network Aware is the ability to run on one computer or have several users on your network.

Record Level Security allows our applications to use passwords and groups to allow or restrict ability to Login, add, remove, view, or delete records on a per user and/or per record level.

Ad Hoc Report Writer means you will have the ability to create your own reports, mail merge letters, envelops at run time. That is you can create, change, or delete any reports on any data, at any time.

Export all or part of the data to different file formats to be read or used by other applications, such as Microsoft's Excel®, .txt, .csv, .pdf, and even HTML.

xQuick Filter allows viewing specific groups of records and limit them so certain specific records can be viewed or exported.